Sunday, November 23, 2008

Greetings from Medellin, Colombia

Just a short note to welcome you to Medellin, Colombia. I hope to be showing you different aspects of this city and country from an American point of view. I would also like to answer any questions about this country. I had lived in Bogota back in 1990 when I had graduated college and wanted to perfect my Spanish, which I did. But now it is even more perfect. Well it'll never be perfect, but it's pretty good for a gringo.

So I hope to read your comments and enjoy the views.

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It's great to live in Medellin, Colombia

Hey NiƱa! Hey Girl!

Eggs in Medellin Colombia, how many would you like?

Colombia La Arepa

Colombia, Christmas and dangerous explosive fireworks

Colombians are courteous, but watch out they might run you over with their car.

Thank you very much