Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Not even the middle of December yet !!

Well it's December 10th and the fireworks and random but daily explosions are increasing. When I say explosions I don't mean they would blow up a car or a house, but that if you were right near one it might leave you blind or deaf. We hear them mostly from far away, which is nice because when occasionally a very big one goes off close by it takes you by surprise and raises your heart beat a little.

I'll be glad on Jan 7th when most of the nonsense is over. The big days of course are Xmas and new year's. Every year both children and adults lose fingers, eyes and are severely burned. The country has laws against the use of these explosives but they don't seem to be able to enforce them. As a foreigner here you first impression is that it is part of their culture and that they must all be for it and enjoy it. It's just not true. Most Colombians feel strongly about the fireworks and explosives and don't like the explosives. Naturally most people enjoy the colorful fireworks that light up the sky but they are completely against the explosions.

For now one just has to put up with this tradition and pray and hope that no one gets injured. It only has about 3 weeks to a month to go, so we just have to hang in there.

It's great to live in Medellin, Colombia

Hey NiƱa! Hey Girl!

Eggs in Medellin Colombia, how many would you like?

Colombia La Arepa

Colombia, Christmas and dangerous explosive fireworks

Colombians are courteous, but watch out they might run you over with their car.

Thank you very much